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 1. Speaking Engagements

      1.1. All Day DevOps Conference

      1.2. Nexus World Tour (Rugged DevOps)

 2. Development Projects

 3. Thoughts and Perspectives

Eddie is not available for consulting or hire.


1. Speaking Engagements

1.1. All Day DevOps Conference

Eddie’s talk looks at the origins of DevOps at Liberty Mutual, the challenges of centralizing DevOps, and how to make it easy for developers and operations to do the right thing. He noted that DevOps is not their goal; Continuous Delivery is their goal, and DevOps is the enabler.

Topic Overview/Teaser

Re-blogged summary to promote following year


1.2. Nexus World Tour (Rugged DevOps)

Our DevOps journey at Liberty Mutual started out of frugality in a team who could not afford luxuries like QA.  As the developers owned the process end to end they explored options to make the process faster, more efficient and eventually caught the attention of other teams to become the enterprise wide solution for cloud enablement.  (Video not available)


2. Development Projects

Atlassian Marketplace Plugins

Multiple plugins that provide enhanced functionality of Atlassian’s core products to enrich CI/CD capabilities, DevOps automation, or productivity. Functionality spans user interface, web services and persistence. Html, JS,  Spring and REST knowledge applied.

Bitbucket Repositories

Mostly Atlassian plugins and a handful of contributions to other member’s projects.

Github Repositories

Mostly contributions to other open source projects or educational exploration of frameworks and languages.

Public Contributions

Pull Requests and contributions that have been merged/accepted by major open source projects including enhancements and security fixes.

3. Thoughts and Perspectives

Twitter Presence

Is there any truer insight into one’s soul and beliefs than unfiltered and spontaneous bursts of 140 characters?


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  1. Just A Guy permalink
    November 19, 2014

    The majority of these sites don’t open.

  2. Eddie permalink*
    November 27, 2014

    You’re right ‘Guy’
    I’ve moved hosting providers a few times and didn’t think some of these under used projects were worth resurrecting. Anything on particular you wanted to check out?

    This page needs some serious updates. Look for my open source projects on (eddiewebb) or

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